Hate Laws Intended to Silence Truth

Hate Laws

Hate Laws

In a relativism culture of social permissiveness, the non-judgmental attitude, held out as the suitable standard for conduct, has become the politically correct behavior. One might think that anything goes under this mindset. However, the exact opposite practice and enforcement, under the most rigid conditions, is championed as necessary for enlighten and tolerant liberalism. The proliferation of demands that hate speech is the new capital crime, actually is counter iterative in building a civil society. This orthodoxy of the fanatical, proudly presents this illuminated and required deportment, as obligatory for all citizens.

So what exactly is hate for the neo-Jacobins? Obviously, whatever the “Society of the Friends of the LIVING Constitution” deems it to be, because under the color of law, the self-proclaimed pure of heart, are justified to off the heads of anyone who dares speak out in inappropriate terms. Remember “thinking progress” for the greater good, must be imposed on anyone who dare defies the wisdom of the gatekeepers for the collective.

Racism has to go, unless practiced by Negros against whites, or is the mere mention of such a term a slight to African-Americans? Once upon a time cries of anti-Semitism would be heard if Donald Sterling was made a pariah after the NAACP did an about face after awarding him for promoting civil rights. Not in today’s world, such a distasteful zealot no longer has the protection of his tribe from the scrutiny of the thought police. The almost total condemnation of his recently private remarks has the entire sports world clambering for his forced sale of the LA Clippers.

Such broad-minded fans in a league that made homiest multimillionaires and took them out of the hood, must not be dis. No wonder the attraction of not just the NBA, but sports in general, have serious minded buffs of the Wide World of Sports looking for, “The Thrill of Victory… ” in other arenas. Why not demonstrate that sporting enthusiasm and jock celebrity worship, by starting a grassroots campaign to install America’s favorite redneck, Phil Robertson and his Duck Dynasty clan, as the new ownership of the team.

Surely, good standing Democrats should have no problem supporting a bunch of good old boys from the South. Frances Rice writes in the National Black Republicans Association site that, KKK Terrorist Arm of the Democratic Party. “This ugly fact about the Democrat Party is detailed in the book, A Short History of Reconstruction, (Harper & Row Publishers, Inc., 1990) by Dr. Eric Foner, the renowned liberal historian who is the DeWitt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia University. Dr. Foner in his book explores the history of the origins of Ku Klux Klan and provides a chilling account of the atrocities committed by Democrats against Republicans, black and white.”

Why Are There Homeless Veterans in America?


Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veterans

United States Homeless veterans include a significant number from recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and severe sleep deprivation, as well as other severe health issues. Often people who have never suffered from the inability to sleep are unaware of how great of a toll this has in preventing those who do from functioning well enough to hold down a steady job.

Many veterans have lost civilian jobs due to extended tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and upon returning home, find it very difficult to support themselves and their families. Many who are not currently homeless are in danger of becoming so because of ongoing economic hard times. At least a half million veterans pay over 50% of their income for rent or a mortgage.

Estimates of the total number of homeless U.S. citizens range from highly questionable official government statistics of under 1 million to far more likely accurate numbers of 3-5 million, over a million being children. At least 1 in 4 homeless citizens are veterans or spouses and children of veterans.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the homeless population grew in all 25 cities included in a 2013 survey. There were officially 22,000 homeless children and 52,000 total homeless in New York City shelters, not including the many homeless not in shelters; the official number for L.A. County alone, not including other neighboring counties, was 58,000. Nationally, there were officially 68,000 homeless college students. Such official figures are considered to be on the extreme low side of actual reality.

Various social service providers report, while lack of income, disabilities, sickness, mental health issues and substance abuse all contribute to homelessness, the primary reason Americans are homeless is lack of affordable housing. This problem is growing worse according to mayors and other city leaders nationwide.
Regardless of religious, political or other persuasion, there is no excuse for citizens of the United States to allow even one veteran to be homeless. Nor is there any excuse to allow one senior, one child or anyone else to remain homeless. Politicians failing to make helping the homeless a top priority should never be elected and be permanently removed from office.

Americans who sit idly by and make no attempt to address and alleviate problems of poverty in our nation, openly display a severe lack of patriotism, historical and moral understanding and, a total absence of maturity, self-respect and dignity.
Do Americans who ignore the plight of homeless veterans really support the troops? Can we march in parades waving flags pretending to be patriotic while continuing to ignore our growing homeless population, regardless of the reasons why they are homeless?

Should We Care If Everyone Has Health Care?

Health Care

Health Care

Some researchers claim illness has destroyed more people compared to most conflicts mixed. Yet, in spite of the identified historic file, People in the USA carry on and neglect the unavoidable outcomes of catching disease; implications which includes important possible to avoid sickness for people that have coverage of health, huge output cutbacks as well as national bringing about global plague.

Several beg we ought to love the significantly less privileged, although some imagine non-public treatment is more suitable, despite overpowering evidence to the contrary. Today, U.S. citizens shell out considerably more regarding protection as compared to citizens of any various other country, nevertheless were rated 37th inside medical good quality and also lower in availability. Several ex- Communist stop and South Oriental nations supply far better coverage; even Cuba has a decrease child death charge.

More than Forty five zillion U.S. citizens do not have healthcare; at the very least 50 trillion far more have remarkably limited protection. A growing number of citizens along with costly strategies are being rejected coverage pertaining to pricey problems. Each week, a lot more citizens drop employer-paid attention as well as old age benefits, which include long-term coverage for less healthful pension a long time.

Determined by company, 10-30% of each greenback spent on personal insurance coverage goes to overhead not related to attention, although lower than 8% pertaining to government-sponsored Medicare insurance really does, although Medicare health insurance will help the most well-known and sickest amongst us. Very simply, non-public medical care once we already have got, is not option.

Political figures for attributes of the politics charade always pretend they care with regards to America’s security, while continuing to dismiss the immediate medical care reality.? Whether we care regarding the neighbor is merely a part of a larger picture, because condition understands absolutely no boundaries.? Kids of the poor can, possess and will, taint children of the rich. Health care facts plainly demonstrate that non-public insurance is not any ensure against contagious diseases.

In fact, under 1% involving U.S citizens are able to cover their unique catastrophic needs. Most types of personal medical health insurance tend to be €shared responsibility€ programs, dependent on many people included to stay balanced, whilst majority pay-outs see a sickest small section.

Nevertheless, right-wing mass media pretends insurance coverage is not a distributed accountability, that individuals really should look after our own faces. Those who declare this specific haven’t ever encountered $250,500 a year cancer malignancy remedies on the doing work class earnings. And they evidently do not understand their own quick economic risk if they were to lose insurance coverage. Or perhaps, so what can and can occur to their unique kids, in case his or her the next door neighbors youngsters stay discovered.

Scientists assert the planet is actually past due to get a significant illness epidemic, whilst history clearly dictates that in our governmental policies, education and learning, research along with guns won’t protect us up against the assault associated with condition. And the mass media is evidently screwing up National citizens simply by not really instructing people appropriately.

Can be it reasonable to express that will citizens that do not push for immediate inexpensive as well as sufficient well being services for all persons located forever as well as temporarily in the boundaries, are decidedly unpatriotic? Is it fair to state they just don’t even value their very own children? You choose.

What Is the Real Right-Wing Agenda?


Right-wing extremists

Right-wing extremists

Right-wing extremists are the first to wave flags and pretend how much they believe in the Constitution and yet, they constantly whine and complain we can’t trust the government. Apparently, they were asleep at the wheel during civics class, when the rest of us learned we the people are the government.

How many times must we endure Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh blather on and on about how we can’t trust our own selves, the government? We can’t trust ourselves with tax dollars, we can’t trust ourselves with health care and we most certainly can’t trust us the government, to decide a convicted felon shouldn’t be armed to the teeth with every bazooka-type weapon imaginable.

Apparently, the so-called conservative “right” can’t even get our own Constitution right. The idea of democracy is not to openly condemn ourselves by claiming we can’t trust the government. Rather, the idea is to elect leaders to represent us and, to replace them when they instead, become right-wing corporate stooges and vote against our best interests.

Besides pretending to care about the unborn while totally screwing the already born, what the right-wing agenda really amounts to is, “we don’t believe in spending tax dollars to actually help taxpayers”. Rather, their goal is to use tax dollars for enhancing the bottom-line of the military industrial complex and otherwise, enriching corporations at the expense of us the taxpayers.

Any and every use of taxpayer dollars that will actually benefit taxpaying citizens is branded as “socialism” over and over again, the new all-purpose “red scare” bait-and-switch term of the 21st Century. The now entirely discredited Joe McCarthy appears €fair and balanced€ alongside these Savage Nation and Coulter forty-five toting, hate-mongering megalomaniacs.

Education is supposedly high on the right-wing €safe issue€ list, but conservative legislators consistently vote against increased spending for education. Whatever they can’t eliminate because of political popularity, such as Medicare and Social Security, they try to “privatize” into oblivion, creating huge funding black holes designed to funnel trillions of taxpayer dollars into big pharma and other deep corporate pockets.

Otherwise, the right-wing agenda is to convince average Joe Americans that all regulation of any kind is evil. When in fact, wise regulation is what keeps tainted meat from ending up in all-American hamburgers, Joe American construction workers safe on their jobs and American Air Lines planes from falling out of American skies.

Wise regulation is the reason banks were relatively sound under Eisenhower. While deregulation is obviously why they began their substantially crooked turn for the worse under Reagan and were completely controlled by gilded-age mongrels of mass deception by the time Bush Junior was finished cutting a final slice out of the deregulation corporate mega-pie.

Is branding human beings illegal and blaming them for job losses and contagious diseases any different than what gave rise to Adolf Hitler and Auschwitz? What is the real agenda of slave masters? What is the agenda of pure evil?

Is Mainstream Media Even a Little Bit Legit?


Mainstream Media

Mainstream Media

American mainstream media habitually fails to address issues in a legitimate manner that could actually help achieve legitimate reform. Instead, we are treated to a giant merry-go-round shell game of opposing pundit charades; both ‘sides’ whining about and belittling the other, with neither offering any coherent plan for actually achieving reform.

Amidst growing public outrage over corporate tax loopholes, corporate bailouts and other corrupt political shenanigans, why aren’t pundits on either the so-called liberal or conservative side calling for a national cap on interest rates at a reasonable 5%? This would do far more to stimulate the economy, insure the long-term health of the banking industry and actually help the average citizen, than all of the nonsensical cosmetic ‘reforms’ proposed by both sides combined.

In debating private versus public health care, why is there little if any discussion in mainstream media regarding the obvious immediate and long-term ramifications of contagious diseases? If conservative mothers actually knew how severely in danger their own children are even if insured, we would have had universal health care long ago, like any rational government today should and does provide.

Why is media discussion about the damage pollution does to human health largely absent? Why is the media instead focused on arguing about climate change? Even if pollution were somehow beneficial to the planet, it remains a long-established irrefutable medical fact that pollution is very harmful to people in innumerable and often catastrophic ways. There never has been or ever will be a rational argument against getting rid of as much pollution as possible, as fast as humanly possible–case closed.

Amongst widespread feigned outrage over political corruption, why isn’t mainstream media headlining demands for a constitutional amendment banning all political contributions except by private individuals, while limiting those to 1% of the median income per candidate per year? Given the historical track record of the Supreme Court habitually siding with business interests against any and all legitimate reform legislation, this is obviously the only way to achieve any true political reform.

In 2003 CBS featured a so-called ‘liberal’ Dan Rather embedded in real-time, literally fawning over Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq, whispering with hushed reverence how adept our military is at invading and bombing a city full of civilians into democratic submission. When systemically corrupt leadership wages foreign wars of aggression, wars obviously designed to enhance oil, war machine and other corporation coffers, mainstream media is habitually found in patronizing flag-waving lock-step synchronization, firmly €embedded€ in unchallenged support of such barbaric atrocities.

What is the real agenda behind the carefully controlled piece-meal information doled out by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal? Is CNN, MSNBC, Fox and other mainstream noise providing us legitimate information we really need? Why aren’t American mainstream media outlets informing us correctly and adequately regarding the major issues of the 21st Century?

Is mainstream media even a little bit legit? Or, is it just a disguised commercial megaphone trumpeting the blessings of global corporation domination? You decide.