Government Contracts

Government Contracts

Government Contracts

Securing a new government contract could seem like the response the pray to get a small business owner. The idea of owning an possibility to produce services and products in order to the most significant client throughout the entire world would be great pertaining to existing along with future business. You would feel “man” I really could do this using the earnings or even by using income; the undeniable fact that this kind of one consumer may change your health is too much to handle. It isn’t any speculate that numerous small business entrepreneurs put down by using an journey becoming a federal contractor. I select the phrase odyssey since the way to earning the initial government contract will be a great adventure colored by challenges along with lasting encounter. Of course I toned the rose colored cup quickly that person while i explained they’ll be struggles in trying to get any government contract. This is a simple fact, nevertheless you can easily reduce these challenges and prevent the issues simply by considering the subsequent 3 points.

The first task Government Contract Education

In case you need to truly go after a new government contract first get educated on the subject. You will discover a litany associated with sources, nevertheless be warned that almost all accessible information can be trustworthy or perhaps current. You can commit an infinite period of time researching the subject of government contract, which you is now able to find out how appropriate the time period odyssey is the place you start the analysis process.

There are not many free federal sources offered to you such as your local APTAC office. This agency was created to aid companies trying to contend efficiently in federal, state, and also local contracting. They’ve their unique internal evaluation process, nevertheless the outcome is to assist you locate the appropriate match pertaining to government contracting.

It is a great place to start, in to really benefit from their particular support especially for federal contracts you should be appropriately authorized being a federal contractorcontractor.

Step Two Devise an agenda

Seeing that you are generally appropriately informed along with authorized as being a federal contractor you currently need to devise a marketing and advertising program. The federal government is no different from any other client thus a nicely organized sales and marketing approach is an essential application. Any targeted approach is going to be necessary since you develop a marketing strategy as a way to get the initial federal contract. Even though most people consider the federal government as being a individual organization, nevertheless the government is made up of countless agencies. Every agency performs separately, yet need to stick to the identical purchasing procedures and policies.

Next step Execute the Strategy

What ever sales and marketing plan you devise make certain you develop a routine and also method to execute your own strategy. A great strategy to place your strategy directly into activity is to enroll in the small business meeting sustained by a federal agency. You will get information regarding federal activities or perhaps shows by looking into a selected agency website. Every agency really should have a good Office of Small Business Disadvantage Use get in touch with that you may speak to to find out specific information. Often agencies can bring in networking occasions and meetings that will allow the small business group to satisfy government buyer in person. Really do not think to check your own marketing and purchases strategy than to discuss right to the decision manufacturer!

Government Contract Summary

Earning the first government contract will certainly change your current small business along with one method or another actually precisely how you do business. How you sale along with industry to the government is diverse from into a business buyer simply because the government customer must work with small business owners. My spouse and i dont know a single professional customer that have to set aside some of the business for any particular seller so pursuing a government contract will be worth the run after.

Higher Taxes = Fewer Resident?

Tax Climate Index

Tax Climate Index

It has been interesting to see some of the early results being published from the 2010 Census. Of particular interest were some results published in the January 3, 2011 issue of Businessweek Magazine. The article listed out all of the states that would be gaining or losing seats in the House Of Representatives as a result of their population going up or down from the last Census in 2000.

These results raise an interesting question: is it possible that those states that gained population and thus, additional representation in Congress, are also the states that place the lowest tax burden on their residents? In other words, do higher state taxes encourage residents of that state to move elsewhere for a better life style as a result of lower taxes elsewhere?

One analysis approach is to look at the correlation between House seats lost or gained and the tax burden in each of those states. One way to that is to use the latest state-by-state results from the Tax Foundation. The Tax Foundation published their latest annual results from their State Business Tax Climate Index in late 2010. Their index rank orders each state along five tax parameters, corporate income tax, personal income tax, state sales tax, state unemployment tax, and property tax. After ranking each state along each of these five taxes, they produce an overall index for each state.

Their overall index goes from 1 to 50. The state with an overall index of 50 is deemed by the Tax Foundation to place the heaviest tax burden on its residents. The state with an index value of 1 is deemed to place the lightest tax burden on its residents. Thus, if you combine the Census results from the Business Week article with the Tax Foundation work, you come up with the following:

States Losing Two Congressional Seats:

- New York – Tax Foundation Index = 50

- Ohio – Index = 46

Average Index Of States Losing Two Seats = 48

States Losing One Congressional Seat:

- Illinois – Index = 23

- Iowa – Index = 45

- Louisiana – Index = 36

- Massachusetts – Index = 42

- Michigan – Index = 17

- Missouri – Index = 16

- New Jersey – Index = 48

- Pennsylvania – Index = 26

Average Index of States Losing One Seat = 32

States Gaining One Congressional Seat:

- Arizona – Index = 34

- Georgia – Index = 25

- Nevada – Index = 4

- South Carolina – Index = 24

- Utah – Index = 9

- Washington – Index = 11

Average Index Of States Gaining One Seat = 18

Florida Is Gaining Two Seats – Index = 5

Texas Is Gaining Four Seats – Index = 13

A few observations:

- The Illinois index rating is now probably much worse than when the Tax Foundation did their report since the Illinois legislature significantly raised corporate and personal income taxes within the last week with personal income taxes going up 66%.

- New York lost another two seats this time around and according to the article, it is down from a high of 45 Congressional seats as recently as 1940 to only 27 seats now. The 27 seats are the lowest amount of seats for New York since 1810.

- While Louisiana lost a Congressional seat, there is a good chance that some of that loss was do to the lingering effects of Hurricane Katrina.

- New Jersey got as high as 48, after being at 50 for a number of years, only because it lowered its highest personal income tax rate, an action that would have affected only a very small number of New Jersey residents.

The obvious conclusion and correlation is that the higher your tax burden, the more population you lost, as measured by the change in Congressional representation. It is not a perfect correlation but it is a strong correlation.

This analysis represents a high “correlation” of high tax burden to lost population, you would have to go much deeper to see if there was a true “causation” relationship, namely high taxes “cause” population loss. For example, if you overlay the results above on a map of the U.S., you could make an inference that those states gaining population tend to be in the southern, warmer part of the country (with the exception of Louisiana which is likely affected by Hurricane Katrina). Those losing population tend to be in the northern, colder part of the country so maybe Americans just want to be warmer.

However, I would maintain that the taxes are much more causation than the weather. Many of the coldest states in the country, Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Montana, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, etc. did not gain or lose Congressional seats. If weather was a driving factor vs. taxes, one would have expected at least some of these cold states to have lost seats. Thus, I would assume that taxes and not warmth are much more important in driving population shifts.

Another way of looking at the data is to overlay the Congressional results above with the two major political parties, the Democrats and Republicans:

- If you look at the past five Presidential elections, every one of the states losing population and Congressional seats, except for Louisiana, would be considered blue states or Democratic states. Again, Louisiana’s status might have been unduly influenced by Katrina.

- Five out of the eight states that gained Congressional seats would have been considered red states or Republican states.

- Florida would have been one of those three states not considered Republican but since the last Presidential election, the state of Florida now has a Republican governor, both houses of the state legislature are controlled by the Republicans, in some of the past five Presidential elections Florida did go Republican, and I believe that Republicans picked up seats in the Florida delegation to the House Of Representatives while holding the Republican Senate seat it already had. In other words, Florida would probably now be considered a red state.

Thus, again we see a very strong correlation, this time between high population lost or gained and political party. Those states with a strong Democratic political influence tend to be the higher taxing states and the states losing people. Those with a strong Republican presence tend to be the lower taxing states and the states gaining people.

Thus, a very strong case can be made for a very simple premise: human beings like to keep what they earn and are likely implementing this premise with their feet, relocating to states where they can keep the results of their hard work. I know that is what my family did. We moved out of New Jersey in 2005, when its tax index rate was a horrendous 50, and moved to Florida. In 2005, more than five years ago, we were paying about $12,000 a year in New Jersey property tax, a taxation amount that is likely much higher than it was over five years ago. We currently pay less than $4,000 a year in property taxes in Florida, a savings of at least $8,000 a year. In Florida, we also have no income tax to pay vs. a pretty substantial income tax that we would have to pay in New Jersey.

Both myself and my wife did not necessarily want to leave New Jersey. We both grew up there, we spent most of our careers there, and we left behind friends and family. However, the price to stay put was just too much, probably in excess of $10,000 a year once you take in account all of the tax implications. You can live a much better live, a much freer life, if you have an extra $10,000 in your pocket.

Which gets us to the overall lesson from all of this analysis. The higher the tax burden, the less amount of freedom an American has. You cannot separate financial freedom from political freedom, they go hand in hand. The more you pay into the government, the less money you have for you and your family. You have less money to send your kids to a better school. You have less money to possibly start a business. You have less money to save for retirement. You have less money to donate to your favorite charity. You have less money to just enjoy your life. You have less freedom.

And it is not as if the government confiscates your hard earned money, money that you are now not free to spend as you like, and uses it for great programs that have a benefit to you and your family. It is typically wasted in ways to numerous to list here.

That is why downsizing the government’s size is so important. A reasonable, attainable goal would reduce the size of the Federal government by 10% a year by five years. The reason for this goal would be to reduce what government does so that the political class and the government it runs work on a smaller set of more important issues, and hopefully, by focusing on less getting more done.

Also, if you reduce the size and waste of government, you can eventually return those unused and unwanted taxes to the American people who have shown that they will look for the best economic deal for themselves and their families, and more freedom, even if it means moving to Texas, Florida, and other less tax heavy states. Who would have thought?

Fight Local Government Apathy

local government works

local government works

The principles of learning how your own local government authorities operate, might be mastered over time through focusing it’s 3 several hours 12 months, compared to that target. That’s the occasion it would likely require you to attend, one local government conference per year.

Just imagine every single citizen above the age of 18 attending 1 local government assembly a year. Exactly what could happen?

It is merely all-natural if a person will be watching you do work, you will take a little bit more desire to make certain the career is performed appropriately. In my opinion most of the people might trust in which statement.

Doing so on that idea, in case citizens would certainly get the time to go to local government group meetings and view local government, local officials would certainly try taking some extra care to ensure that their task is done properly. However, when left entirely unattended through citizens, local government will often turn into careless. (The number of citizens do you feel at any time joined any New Orleans Urgent situation Operations Panel Meeting?)

Simplistic? Of course. Nevertheless, were talking about local government, the most basic, available and type of government we’ve. In the event that every person would certainly dedicate only two hours per year as well as enroll in one local government meeting, every local government meeting would’ve somebody seeing these people.

The path obstruct to this particular simplified cure for apathy through involvement, will be worry. Anxiety about the unfamiliar. The unknown of what genuinely happens at these kind of conferences? The unidentified involving possibly achieving the individuals who will likely be presently there. The unknown associated with contemplating you may have to point out a thing. These kinds of worries are extremely genuine, for many people. It is that this road block, that really must be removed.

To cure individuals concerns, I propose that whenever you check out the meetings that will you only visit view, hear and learn. Which is it. You need not converse at all.

I see four rewards for you to the quite easy remedy for local government apathy.

- You gets far better government simply because through observing a celebration, you may prompt local officials in order to do a far more comprehensive job associated with research and deliberation. The far more analysis as well as thought, the better the decision which will be produced.

- You will end up more respected by local officials simply because you participated in an important method. You came up, you cared, you listened, you learned. Precisely what is there to not value about that?

- You could have extended the education by simply being familiar with that your local government works.

- You can really feel more comfortable visiting your next conference … next calendar year. In which you will be taught even more. And the like, etc, and so forth.

Just think about what can occur?

Asheville, North Carolina Considers Zoning Law Changes

Zoning Law Changes

Zoning Law Changes

The city government of Asheville, North Carolina is considering a move that would give developers access to more land for affordable housing projects. Current zoning laws could soon be changed to allow developers to build multi-family units in areas zoned only for single-family homes, provided their projects meet certain requirements.

Right now, if a developer wants to build a multi-family structure in an area zoned for single-family housing, the City Council has to approve the plan. But some government officials want affordable housing developments to be exempt from the approval process if they are built within a quarter mile of public transportation. In order to qualify, the project would have to meet certain architectural standards as well, to ensure a visual cohesiveness with the rest of the neighborhood.

Asheville is consistently ranked as one of the 25 best places to live in the United States. Unfortunately, it also consistently ranks very low with regards to the affordability of its housing. Every year, the National Association of Home Builders and Wells Fargo release their Housing Opportunity Index, which ranks 225 U.S. cities based on their “affordability.” Affordability is calculated by determining how many of a city’s residents can afford to buy a median-priced house in the area. Asheville often ranks near the very bottom, with a median-priced home being out of reach for nearly 50 percent of its residents.

Opponents of the potential zoning changes say the answer to Asheville’s housing woes is the creation of good-paying jobs. However, because Asheville is driven by a strong tourism industry, it has also has a strong service sector, and service-based jobs are typically low-paying. Higher-wage jobs might help some in Asheville, but the service sector isn’t going away any time soon, which means the need for affordable housing isn’t going away either.

Federal Government Grants

Government Grants

Government Grants

Around the decades, you could have noticed that the United States government is giving different types of grants for different groups of people. Nevertheless would you are aware that some grants are specifically designed with regard to senior citizens?

Additional, several senior citizens be eligible for government grants that are not specifically made on their behalf. And even though most of the government grants that exist are for businesses offering assistance along with choose to the aged, there are lots of grants which can be payable to be able to person senior citizens.

Obtaining Your own Senior Grant

The forms of grants that are available in order to senior citizens incorporate property support grants, personal debt help grants, educational grants, and also grant money to assist begin a business, amongst others. Finding the grant that will you qualify for has to start with a look through the CFDA — Listing involving Federal Home-based Guidance. The CFDA listing lists thousands of obtainable grant possibilities from all agencies and also twigs regarding the United States of America. You could request a duplicate with this catalog through email or perhaps obtain a new legible Pdf file version of the list with the government website with regard to grants,

Grant Qualification Needs With regard to Older persons

While not just about all older persons will certainly be eligible for a grants from the government, a good deal can. Most of the grants and also the grant money intended for grants for you to seniors should go rarely used and unclaimed through the supplying period of time and is basically flipped in in order to the general pay for after a certain stretch of time.

Grant money is different than mortgage money because you do not repay a new grant. The money is up to you for the functions laid out in the grant. Eligibility pertaining to grant money through the government is dependent upon which grant you are using with regard to, as well as membership specifications differ tremendously via grant to be able to grant. Some grants tend to be cash flow sensitive, meaning you has to be lower cash flow for being entitled; other individuals don’t have any cash flow restrictions or truck caps. The merely simple and easy common dependence on government grants for senior citizens is that you are in the United States and therefore are a new U.S. citizen, both through delivery or even naturalization, knowning that you satisfy the additional specs pertaining to the grant system to which you are employing.

Trying to get Your Senior Citizen Federal Government Grant

Whenever exploring the CFDA listing, you will get a good idea regarding the form of grant in which you wish to apply for. You can put on as numerous grants because you desire; there’s no limit in order to the number of applications that will you can make throughout. Read the suggestions with regard to the specific grant which you are applying with regard to cautiously. A few grants may necessitate that you submit documentation along with the grant software, for example taxes earnings, pay out stubs or evidence of income, personalized id in the form of a motorist permit, or any other papers that are grant distinct. Be ready to fill out a lengthy program more often than not, and ensure to be able to complete the request fully. Applications which are partly done will be went back in order to you for completion, which usually flight delays the processing of the grant. You also need to be ready for the period of time which can be delivered to approve a new grant program, as numerous involving the nearly all sought after grants often have a new back again log involving applicants. You must keep in mind the deadline day with regard to the grant program as much grants are for sale to a brief time period of time. Missing the due date can routinely disqualify you through staying regarded to your grant.