A US Constitution for the 21st Century is needed

the Constitution

the Constitution

The current Constitution is broken. The proof is in the pudding: the federal government is borrowing 43 cents of every dollar it spends, the debt ceiling keeps being raised by Congress, spending keeps going up, legislation can be rammed through Congress by a combination of bribes and members who forswear their oath, regulations can be loaded on businesses that are suffering through the longest period of no-growth since the Great Depression, 20% of people are unemployed when those who have just given up are factored in, economic growth is stagnant, certain companies get special favors while we taxpayers get the bill, oil companies are barred from producing new gasoline which has doubled the pump price to average people, a record high number of people are receiving food stamps, a the President is acting outside the law by defying the Courts and the Congress by issuing executive orders that contradict them, and new taxes, fees, and expenses are being added daily onto citizens. Some people say “Well…if people just obeyed the Constitution, we wouldn’t be in this situation.” Yes, and if men were angels, no Constitution would be needed.

The fact is: many people have been able to get around the Constitution, which is why it is happening. The Constitution needs to be updated or replaced, or this is going to continue happening, and with our debt problems mounting, it is going to come to a head soon. Congress has recognized some of this: there was talk and some feeble efforts to getting debt under control and a very good proposal for a balanced budget amendment. Rep. Paul Ryan has put forth some good proposals.

Former candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination Herman Cain put out his 9-9-9 plan to replace the current income tax. Other candidates have put out flat tax or tax reform plans which would attempt to replicate the tremendous economic expansion that occurred after Ronald Reagan’s tax reforms. There has been talk about reforming regulatory agencies or even abolishing them, as Rep. Ron Paul suggested. Thus far, none of this has gone anywhere, but at least there is a recognition that the United States is in a terminal financial condition that is getting worse while Congress plays its fiddle. The problems are still structural, though! Almost all these proposals are temporary fixes that will be undone by the first bad Congress afterwards.

A more permanent solution is needed. You’re probably asking: -Is it really necessary to change at all?- Answer: YES! BECAUSE CHANGE IS GOING TO COME ONE WAY OR ANOTHER! We are broker than we have ever been: $15 trillion in debt-that’s $15,000,000,000,000.00- 100% of GDP- for a sense of perspective, that is bigger than ELEVEN Canadas. Can you see the picture? We are running a deficit of 12% of GDP-1/8th of our economy every year. That means that in 8 years, we will be at 200% of GDP. That’s 2019. That’s under a decade. Your 10 year-old will be 18 then. Do you think we can go on much longer without the system collapsing?

We need to make BIG changes-the question is: will we do it before a collapse or after? I have two visions to get ahead of this situation: a highly amended current Constitution, or a new alternative US Constitution. Both ensure the intent of the founders to protect Individual Rights and limit the Powers of the Federal and State Governments, but are updated with 224 years of hindsight since the 1787 Constitutional Convention. In the highly amended Constitution, I put in a balanced budget amendment and many others, which would be done by calling an Article V Constitutional Convention.

These amendments would bind the Congress and Officers of the federal government and prevent them from taking away our rights and collapsing our system, which they appear helpless to stop under the current system. The amendments I suggest would deal with many areas: Balanced Budgets, Taxation, Regulations, prevent the Interstate Commerce Clause from being used intrastate or to force a person to buy something, granting a Presidential Line-item veto, preventing public sector unions from eating the budget, clarifying that aliens do not automatically become citizens, loser pays for lawsuits, clarifying that your home can’t be taken away from you for weak reasons, and adding some rules for Congresspersons.

In the new US Constitution (which is for those who believe that we live in a post-Constitutional Republic and that we need a stronger document that is wise to the shenanigans foisted on us over more than two centuries) there are: (1) much stronger enumerated individual rights, (2) much more defined and limited powers of governments, and (3) is very difficult to -game.-

Writing Agreeable Proposals Pertaining to US Government Grants

US Government Grants

US Government Grants

When you are generating applications for US government grants, certainly the most significant issue so you can get the let can be the undertaking alone. Almost everything surely boils down to how well assembling your project will be composed. However, unfortunately, extremely candidates help to make their own errors at this period of time by itself. They’ve got a belief that will the venture is simply small note that’s not actually study while the 1000s of applications serve in. Howsoever, this is simply not the scenario whatsoever. The facts are that your particular project will probably be looked at along with analyzed, read along with reread often and you will be the sizable parameter throughout choosing whether or not they wish to provide you the permit you aren’t.

Consequently, this means, whether you last but not least obtain that allow you aren’t, is determined by the approach you compose assembling your shed. Allow me to share the short specialist ideas to go through it:

1.The first aspect to consider in making proposals regarding US government permit will be your objectives and intentions. The permit vendors will want to understand your own intentions guiding the allow. You must pay lots of time thinking precisely what your make any difference is set out to conclude as well as you ought to help make in which the central point of any project. Pay about four to 5 weeks ahead of the permit story date and make up a clarify examine of the your own business plan will probably be. Help make appropriate example of all of them inside your project.

2.The next area you ought to target is the place where you will set going to complete your goals. If some of your own approaches look not practical, in that case your venture will likely be shot right then and there. United States government grants wish to be appropriate as well as useful.

3.When you certainly are a company that’s in search of a enable pertaining to advancing the business prospects, then you ought to incorporate files on your own financial popularity. The grant vendors may wish to choose concerning the financial standing of your company, in support of legitimate people are usually for grants. Therefore, you should recognize information regarding your current tax payments and make the documents handy for evaluate later. Even though you are generally an individual trying to get any allow, you will necessity and also hard wearing . taxes documents ready.

4.You need to reach a quantity that you count on you will be needing on your opportunity. You ought to set a good expected estimate assembling your project. That will help rate matters way up from the United States government grants software office.

Making applications regarding United States government grants is incredibly hard and also considerable from the task period. As soon as you currently have points immediately, concerns will sail easily with regard to you.

The Government Printing Money Cause Inflation

printing money

printing money

Have been in the economic down. A recession occurs when there exists a shortage of money going around throughout the economy. Money receives a little bit too scarce for folks in order to buy most the goods that business wants to offer them and all the “services” government desires to drive these phones pay with regard to (by way of the procedure for extortion generally known as “tax”).

The obvious, simple solution next is made for government to be able to print much more money and also invest it straight into blood circulation. Had been told the economy can be, declare, $50 billion lacking money. Alright, therefore the plausible solution is with regard to the government for you to print $50 billion and also devote it directly into blood circulation, as an example if you are paying retirement benefits, funding streets, schools, medical centers, grants pertaining to industry and minimizing taxation at the exact same period.

“Oh, you can’t do that will!” we are usually told.

“Why certainly not?Inch We ask.

“Because involving INFLATION!” Comes the reply, inflation getting this kind of demonic thing that magically heaves upward coming from the bowels regarding hell the moment anyone dares sound the notion of government printing some money.

Properly, allows check out that will.

Inflation is often a scenario where An excessive amount of MONEY continues to be imprinted and set straight into flow. Easily simplify this a touch and imagine the economy where there’s a billion products available. Should there be a new billion us dollars inside blood circulation for the reason that economy, the regular tariff of each and every object would have been a dollar.

When you abruptly improve the quantity of bucks throughout blood flow to be able to 2 billion yet the quantity of items developed and provided on the market continues to be the billion (there is absolutely no increase in generation to fit the surge in becoming more common money), the regular expense of each item will increase for you to 2 dollars. The worth, the Investing Strength of your own dollar may have halved.

Fine, in simple terms, that is inflation.

It is manifested certainly not because government styles money yet simply because government prints Excessive MONEY.

We also can see that rising prices and a fall inside the buying power of the dollar are generally symptoms that will we get inflation as well as excessive money is being produced.

As a result just about all government needs to do while it images money is actually check the economy as well as work on Retaining THE PURCHASING POWER OF THE DOLLAR Steady.

In case several inflation starts to show upward, the government keeps away from about printing money along with works to get additional production planning till the getting energy money stabilizes.

It is not outside of the humor of individual, as well as government, to do this particular. At present we “control inflation” utilizing the raw procedure of curiosity charges along with we have experienced only inflation! Unsurprisingly the hit-and-miss anxiety involving tinkering with the tariff of asking for is fine but primary control over money present by a government accountable to be able to the electorate is certainly not (and no-one asks: ‘what on this planet does the expense of credit need to do along with money supply?Ha)!

After most of us understand these kind of basic concepts we all can maintain a good eye in points and make sure the government is actually acting by itself. This of course would call for some thing of a change involving working schedule as we are generally at the moment held in the darker as well as Averted coming from understanding simple rules so that nobody can inform what government is perfectly up to.

Can Congress Be Reformed?



Anyone with a thimble-full of political sense can readily determine there is no way to fix America unless the influence of big money is eliminated from the political process. Any other plan is mainly a big waste of everyone’s time, if we don’t as all-partisan citizens, regardless of religious, political or other persuasion, rise up and demand the complete elimination of bribery from sea to once shining sea.

Nothing illustrates this need more than the current crop of malfeasance ne’er-do-wells of both parties in Congress. They are far better at pontificating and political posturing and otherwise filling the overflowing troughs of the wealthy, than accomplishing anything we the people actually need.

Apparently, they fail to comprehend that repairing roads and bridges ready to collapse at any moment and, replacing electrical, sewer, dams about to burst and other badly decaying infrastructure, is what sane governments do. Rather than helping average Americans, Congress and the White House have engaged in endless bend-over political charades, increased rather than reduced troop levels and war funding and, signed away even more of our swiftly vanishing rights.

Our children’s future has been sold down a no-strings-attached, golden-platter river of unprecedented gilded tax haven and bailout bonus bonanza. Experts say rather than being reformed, banks are behaving worse than ever, driving the world to the brink of far worse economic catastrophe.

Because the Supreme Court will always otherwise, declare any and all manner of corruption-eliminating reform €unconstitutional€, the only way to get rid of big money influence is by constitutional amendment. Attempts at other methods of reform have left a long historical trail of tears of utter frustration and defeat.

We need an amendment making it punishable by life in prison without parole, for any organization or group of people of any kind, for any reason, to contribute one penny or anything of higher value, to one small-town city council office seeker on up to president of the United States. And, we need to limit individual contributions to 1% of the median income per candidate per year, including candidates themselves; approximately $500 in 2014.

In order to be licensed for broadcasting on what are theoretically €the people’s€ airwaves, we need to require all radio and television stations to grant free equal airtime to €qualified€ candidates; qualification determined by obtaining enough signatures of registered voters, amount determined by office and number of people represented. And, we need to eliminate the electoral college, elect everyone by popular vote, hold all party primaries on the same date and require a verifiable paper trail.

There is much tweaking necessary for the amendment proposed here, but this sketch outline is sufficient to grasp the basic idea. No law will eliminate all corruption, but what is suggested would eliminate well over 90% of the current problem and allow the majority of we the people to actually have a voice.
Will the nefarious bottom-feeding corporate-puppet juvenile delinquent treasonous reprobates of Congress ever be ousted and cast into federal prison where they belong? You decide.

Surrogate Mother Be On Government Assistance

The Surrogate Mother

The Surrogate Mother

State financed surrogacy, that is certainly, an advertisement surrogacy arrangement exactly where The Surrogate Mother gets governments assistance like Low income health programs, “welfare”, or perhaps food rubber stamps, is prohibited. Probable surrogate mothers who’d or else qualify for surrogate pregnancy however are obtaining state or perhaps government backed assist are usually immediately turned down. why?

A lot of people involved in surrogacy believe a new woman ample enough to produce the choice to be able to bless yet another several which has a baby really should not be assessed ineligible simply because she’s dropped upon hard occasions. And such a new woman should be praised! However surrogacy is just not, at the moment, befitting the girl scenario.

Initial, there exists the undeniable fact that community most importantly often sees business surrogacy like a abundant group of planned mothers and fathers purchasing the physical services of your very poor woman, and also basically using your ex to prevent disfiguring on their own having a maternity. When it’s in truth, practically nothing may be farther from the truth, a new woman upon government assistance serving as a surrogate mother for an upper-middle course pair does perpetuate the myth.

Moreover, even so, will be the fact that in the event that the surrogate mother receives any kind pay out, she’ll, probably, turn out to be ineligible for the woman’s government assistance inside the first position. This might consist of State medicaid programs not just pertaining to himself, but for the girl young children as well. According to the law, just about all folks in government assistance ought to state any kind of revenue these people receive, no matter whether which is through working, via offering unwelcome belongings about auction web sites, or even from the good friend like a present.

A number of planned mothers and fathers and surrogate mothers sense the have to dress the law and continue to do commercial surrogacy in a “hush-hush” don’t-ask-don’t-tell form of fashion. They will often sense the laws are foolish, or in which the surrogate mother justifies the further financial support, or even even worse, may decide make the most of the system and use your ex State health programs health advantages of pay regarding the surrogate having a baby, labor as well as delivery.

Carrying this out can be fraud towards the United States Government. I can not make a a whole lot worse business to try to defraud! Never do it! Employing state loaned surrogacy is just one of the worst things you could do. May you think about delivering your baby in a scenario where it’s birth mother, natural mother, as well as natural father happen to be held responsible for defrauding the government?

These kinds of causes are usually the reason why surrogacy agencies just steer clear of all possible surrogates in government assistance. Every time a prospective surrogate is within a better invest her life, the time may be preferable to make your ex wants supporting another several be realized.