Can Congress Be Reformed?



Anyone with a thimble-full of political sense can readily determine there is no way to fix America unless the influence of big money is eliminated from the political process. Any other plan is mainly a big waste of everyone’s time, if we don’t as all-partisan citizens, regardless of religious, political or other persuasion, rise up and demand the complete elimination of bribery from sea to once shining sea.

Nothing illustrates this need more than the current crop of malfeasance ne’er-do-wells of both parties in Congress. They are far better at pontificating and political posturing and otherwise filling the overflowing troughs of the wealthy, than accomplishing anything we the people actually need.

Apparently, they fail to comprehend that repairing roads and bridges ready to collapse at any moment and, replacing electrical, sewer, dams about to burst and other badly decaying infrastructure, is what sane governments do. Rather than helping average Americans, Congress and the White House have engaged in endless bend-over political charades, increased rather than reduced troop levels and war funding and, signed away even more of our swiftly vanishing rights.

Our children’s future has been sold down a no-strings-attached, golden-platter river of unprecedented gilded tax haven and bailout bonus bonanza. Experts say rather than being reformed, banks are behaving worse than ever, driving the world to the brink of far worse economic catastrophe.

Because the Supreme Court will always otherwise, declare any and all manner of corruption-eliminating reform €unconstitutional€, the only way to get rid of big money influence is by constitutional amendment. Attempts at other methods of reform have left a long historical trail of tears of utter frustration and defeat.

We need an amendment making it punishable by life in prison without parole, for any organization or group of people of any kind, for any reason, to contribute one penny or anything of higher value, to one small-town city council office seeker on up to president of the United States. And, we need to limit individual contributions to 1% of the median income per candidate per year, including candidates themselves; approximately $500 in 2014.

In order to be licensed for broadcasting on what are theoretically €the people’s€ airwaves, we need to require all radio and television stations to grant free equal airtime to €qualified€ candidates; qualification determined by obtaining enough signatures of registered voters, amount determined by office and number of people represented. And, we need to eliminate the electoral college, elect everyone by popular vote, hold all party primaries on the same date and require a verifiable paper trail.

There is much tweaking necessary for the amendment proposed here, but this sketch outline is sufficient to grasp the basic idea. No law will eliminate all corruption, but what is suggested would eliminate well over 90% of the current problem and allow the majority of we the people to actually have a voice.
Will the nefarious bottom-feeding corporate-puppet juvenile delinquent treasonous reprobates of Congress ever be ousted and cast into federal prison where they belong? You decide.

Surrogate Mother Be On Government Assistance

The Surrogate Mother

The Surrogate Mother

State financed surrogacy, that is certainly, an advertisement surrogacy arrangement exactly where The Surrogate Mother gets governments assistance like Low income health programs, “welfare”, or perhaps food rubber stamps, is prohibited. Probable surrogate mothers who’d or else qualify for surrogate pregnancy however are obtaining state or perhaps government backed assist are usually immediately turned down. why?

A lot of people involved in surrogacy believe a new woman ample enough to produce the choice to be able to bless yet another several which has a baby really should not be assessed ineligible simply because she’s dropped upon hard occasions. And such a new woman should be praised! However surrogacy is just not, at the moment, befitting the girl scenario.

Initial, there exists the undeniable fact that community most importantly often sees business surrogacy like a abundant group of planned mothers and fathers purchasing the physical services of your very poor woman, and also basically using your ex to prevent disfiguring on their own having a maternity. When it’s in truth, practically nothing may be farther from the truth, a new woman upon government assistance serving as a surrogate mother for an upper-middle course pair does perpetuate the myth.

Moreover, even so, will be the fact that in the event that the surrogate mother receives any kind pay out, she’ll, probably, turn out to be ineligible for the woman’s government assistance inside the first position. This might consist of State medicaid programs not just pertaining to himself, but for the girl young children as well. According to the law, just about all folks in government assistance ought to state any kind of revenue these people receive, no matter whether which is through working, via offering unwelcome belongings about auction web sites, or even from the good friend like a present.

A number of planned mothers and fathers and surrogate mothers sense the have to dress the law and continue to do commercial surrogacy in a “hush-hush” don’t-ask-don’t-tell form of fashion. They will often sense the laws are foolish, or in which the surrogate mother justifies the further financial support, or even even worse, may decide make the most of the system and use your ex State health programs health advantages of pay regarding the surrogate having a baby, labor as well as delivery.

Carrying this out can be fraud towards the United States Government. I can not make a a whole lot worse business to try to defraud! Never do it! Employing state loaned surrogacy is just one of the worst things you could do. May you think about delivering your baby in a scenario where it’s birth mother, natural mother, as well as natural father happen to be held responsible for defrauding the government?

These kinds of causes are usually the reason why surrogacy agencies just steer clear of all possible surrogates in government assistance. Every time a prospective surrogate is within a better invest her life, the time may be preferable to make your ex wants supporting another several be realized.

Just what Federal Crime

Federal Crime

Federal Crime

The United States is present having a federal system. As such, you’ll find often locations where the federal government steps in to try and in order to discipline somebody falsely accused, then guilty, of an crime. Not merely just about any crime might be adopted simply by the federal system, nevertheless the quantity will be at any time broadening.

A new federal crime or federal offense, throughout the United States, can be a crime which has been manufactured unlawful through the United States The legislature via legal guidelines or even a crime which was dedicated on government run property. The legislature features the chance to select a great motion as being a crime through being able to legislate.
Whilst at first crimes were made through the process of law, known as widespread law crimes, along with the coming of legislatures along with increasingly intricate organizations, the legislatures have taken it after themselves to legislate a lot more crimes. These crimes are known as legal crimes.

When the federal government gets associated with the investigation of your crime, the Federal Agency associated with Analysis, or perhaps FBI, typically takes more than this particular obligation. The FBI features extensive powers to analyze federal offenses.

Not simply just about any crime in the category may be classified as a new federal crime. As an example, snail mail fraud which remains inside of one particular state and does not require the United States Mailing Service won’t turn out to be any federal crime. Nevertheless, while the crime last longer than state lines or entails the United states postal service, it may become the federal crime.

An additional way to create a regular or state crime a federal crime is usually to include components of the road trade. For instance, the Mann Work, handed near the change involving the 20th century, makes it the federal crime to transport females throughout state collections for the purpose of prostitution. By traversing state lines along with creating this kind of trade road in contrast while intrastate, a person has invoked the jurisdiction associated with The legislature, who’s gained the capability to regulate interstate commerce by the Constitution.

A series of murders in which occur across state lines might also turn into a federal crime. This really is in order to avoid the person via dealing with numerous crimes throughout several states. This particular ensures some amount regarding judicial performance. Drug crimes can also become federal crimes in case the FBI or another agency will get included.

Other crimes that may be federal consist of kidnapping, art work thieves, arson, taxes evasion, and counterfeiting. Any crime that is combined with the set of federal crimes recently is the crime associated with assassinating as well as wanting to assassinate the leader. Even though this looks like an evident a single, it has not been included until finally President Kennedy has been assassinated.

Does the NRA Really Support the Second Amendment?

the NRA

the NRA

According to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, “… the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. The word “Arms” is deliberately capitalized, a common practice at the time used for emphasis. Since Thomas Jefferson later owned a private cannon, the largest weapon of his day, “Arms” to the framers clearly meant more than small arms one can easily “bear”; note, to “keep” and bear Arms.
The word “gun” is found nowhere in the Constitution, a carefully worded document. According to the preamble, one of the main purposes of government is to “insure domestic Tranquility” (also capitalized). To honestly and correctly interpret the intentions of the framers, everything that follows the preamble, including all ten original amendments, must be weighed in light of the Constitution’s stated purpose.

At the time the Second Amendment was drafted, there was no federal army, no national guard and no organized police force, a fact of history ignored by the modern National Rifle Association’s absurd position, which not long ago was far less radical than today. There were also no large urban populations or police protecting them, gravely endangered by modern assault weapons. And, who knows what horrific weapons may be contained in a future brief case or even much smaller space?

For many years, the NRA and mainstream media have been guilty of drawing a non-existent, artificial line down the center of the Second Amendment, limiting the debate to private gun ownership. To contend the Second Amendment permits unlimited private ownership of modern assault weapons is no more Constitutionally rational than to clam it allows for unlimited private ownership of bombs, chemical weapons and space-ray machines, also modern “Arms” unknown to the American founders.

The NRA must admit that according to it’s interpretation of the Second Amendment, we have just as much right to own private nuclear bombs and bio-weapons as we do to own a multi-round handgun, none of which existed when it was drafted. If we wish to have a society at all, then the 21st Century question is not if we are going to restrict the NRA’s interpretation but rather, in what manner are we going to restrict it.

For the record, if any living Americans have the right to argue in favor of restricting the Second Amendment, it is Bill and Sarah Brady. And, as the €founding fathers€ wisely allowed for, we can always amend what the Constitution originally stated. A perhaps better and much saner idea would be to amend the NRA, by forcing a reluctant media to point out it’s deceptive and highly irrational position.

The NRA has no Constitutional or other right to limit the Second Amendment to a debate over guns, nor to ignore the intentions of the American founders clearly stated in the preamble. For a Constitutional position to be correct, it must fall within a clearly stated purpose of, in order to insure domestic Tranquility.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Throughout Washington D.c.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

In the event that you will be in Washington, D.C. or planning your go to over there, next without doubt you will discover a number of the spectacular web sites and also attractions involving the position. Therefore just for this, you should know the points of interest and also areas of passions in America exactly where you can visit and discover what Washington provides in order to you. In such cases, a single location in which you must investigate can be the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the delight fascination of the Washington D.C.

This kind of attraction honors the U.S. service individuals the United States soldiers which offered their particular lives simply by fighting throughout the Vietnam War. They were the service associates that passed on within the service in Vietnam/South Far east Parts of asia. With this, the people that died also include people ended up landed the lacking for doing things in the course of the war. Honoring those who presented their particular lives in the war, any memorial had been developed. The development as well as the related troubles gave birth to numerous controversies, out of which one, several of the controversies have been occurred in to the development associated with the memorial sophisticated. Today, the memorial is comprised of about three divided sections that are the 3 Military statue, the Vietnam Ladies Memorial, in addition to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall that is certainly the famous thing about this memorial.

Inspired through Jan Scruggs, who had previously been a good infantryman offered together with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade regarding US Army within Vietnam; the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is one thing that will fills up everybodys cardiovascular with huge feelings and also ideas. However, soon after checking out it, men and women feel completely lucky that they had a possibility to knowledge the war of these days. Present cards Scruggs would be a gentleman that initial observed The Deer Hunter throughout March 1979 and after that it reminded your pet involving the individuals which he’d witnessed withstand and also die within Vietnam. With no pondering a lot, upon the identical night time, he made a decision to create a memorial that can get everybody’s title people murdered in the Vietnam War.

The major part of the memorial ended up being finished it’s development within the yr Early in the eightys and is also situated in the Constitution Landscapes which is adjacent the National Mall. It lies merely in the direction of the north east regarding the Lincoln subsequently Memorial. The United States National Park Service saves the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and this memorial will get a few 3 million website visitors annually. The Memorial Wall was actually developed by the United States panorama designer Maya Lin. Datalantic inside Atlanta, that is throughout Georgia was done the typesetting involving the initial names on the wall. There are total 58,159 authentic names on the wall that’s done by Datalantic.

The wall consist of two black granite with a height involving 246 toes and 9 inches. The granite was introduced from Bangalore within Karnataka, that’s in India as well as the basis for delivering the granite from India, is simply because of its echoing quality. Pay a visit to the Vietnam Ladies Memorial that is at the brief length in direction of the south associated with the wall as well as towards the north involving the Reflecting Pool. This memorial was created simply by Glenna Goodacre and it was committed to the women involving the United States have been dished up entirely throughout the war. It ended up being dedicated on 11th November 1993 and most involving the ladies had been the healthcare professionals which dished up throughout the war. On this, the woman who is looking at the upwards path is termed while Wish, the woman wishing is termed as the Belief, along with the woman nursing for an injured soldier is named as Charity.